A carefully measured mixture of selected spices and salt and the natural air-drying technique produce the distinctively mild flavour of our Bündnerfleisch. It is thanks to this that the Bündnerfleisch has a long shelf life. Our Bündnerfleisch is a totally natural product.

Grisons dry-cured ham

Before being air-dried, the prime cut of ham is marinated for several weeks in our own special blend of herbs and spices. This process turns the well-fleshed and low-fat ham into easily digestible Grisons dry-cured ham.

Salami and Salsiz

For our Grisons dry-cured sausage specialities, we use beef with evenly distributed small fatty deposits, lean pork and fresh streaky bacon. The products are matured for several weeks in meat drying facilities. During this time, they are left to improve in flavour and flattened (except for the salami).

in Fleischhüllen gepackt und für vier Wochen im Trocknungsraum gelagert. Während dieser Zeit werden sie veredelt und mit Ausnahme der Salami einmal gepresst. 


Coppa is made from marbled pork necks and matured during four to five months in the clear mountain air. Selected pieces of Swiss pork are used for all pork products.


Our Grisons Landjäger are not smoked but rather air-dried. This production process gives them a distinctive, cured flavour. Smoked Landjäger are also available.


We make tasty dry-cured bacon from the lean sides of the belly of Swiss pigs. The meat is stored for several weeks in the dry-aging room. The natural air-drying process makes the meat tender and aromatic.

Den geschmackvollen Rohessspeck machen wir aus den mageren Bauchseiten von Schweizer Schweinen.
Die natürliche Lufttrocknung macht das Fleisch zart und aromatischDen geschmackvollen Rohesspeck machen wir aus den mageren Bauchseiten von Schweizer Schweine