About us

Surselva is one of the established brands in the manufacturing and distribution 
of Grisons meat specialities in Switzerland and abroad.


Our company

Our head office, which also houses the Administration department and Logistics Centre, is located in Landquart, the gateway to the Canton of Graubünden. Our premises are easily accessible thanks to the excellent national and international transport links. In our modern facilities with powerful equipment, every year around 1,100 tonnes of meat specialities are processed and shipped by our employees according to customer requirements.

In Romansh, Surselva means "above the forest" and at the same time is the name given to the Grisons Oberland region. Trin, an idyllic village situated at 900 metres above sea level, is where our meat drying facility is located. Little wind, but lots of forests, streams and lakes make for the perfect climate to produce top-quality meat specialities.

Contrary to common belief, the production of Grisons meat specialities does not require especially dry air, but rather a cool climate. An Alpine climate with consistently moderate humidity are the ideal conditions for optimal maturation and thus for the best products.

Our customers

Our clientele has included well-known wholesalers for many years, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland and abroad. In France and Germany, we operate our own sales organisations for the EU area.

Company building: Landquart Distribution Centre

Production line: cutting the Coppa

Packaging department: pieces of Bündnerfleisch with packaging

Awards we have won

Accounting for a little more than half of total sales, Bündnerfleisch makes up the greatest proportion of our product range. Its quality has won first prize on several occasions at national and international competitions.




IFS V5-International Food Standard


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SN EN ISO 14001:2004


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